Sunday 9 August 2015

Disarray and Plot Twists

Pray you never feel the abrupt rush of panic when looking back on your life – as an eighteen year old - and already finding yourself asking what if?. That feeling when your story line doesn’t fall parallel to that of Boyhood or your coming of age experiences don’t meet up to the standards of John Hughes. I was always a long-term planner who did whatever it took to mimic the happy life of a Molly Ringwald character, and live out all my passions through into my golden years. I knew what made me happy and If I found myself veering even slightly off my home-grown plan, I’d simply stop what I’m doing and change it.    

So looking back on an unaligned, inconsistent and scattered storyline has left me with nothing but sheer fright. A horrific reminder that no matter how adventurous or innovative your friends are, YOU WILL NEVER LIVE OUT THE PLOTLINE OF THE GOONIES. Its a slap in the face.

I hadn’t realized how detrimental life’s curve ball of the past 2 years has really been on my story. How much it has shattered my allusion for what I thought would be my future now. But regardless of the panic I feel as I look back and wonder what if, I have in turn come to worry less about the future and how to control it. Like how Robin Williams stands up on his desk in Dead Poets Society to “look at things in a different way”, I can now look at tomorrow - and the day after, and after – without fear of disorder and turmoil. Hell I welcome lack of structure.

Because the coming of age story lines that throw massive curve balls, are always the best ones anyway.

Realizing why fiction movies are called "fiction," and as always, breeding optimism,

- Serena Bonneville :)


  1. Hey Serena

    Just finished reading every last one of your ultra-inspiring posts. Especially loved all the comparisons to relevant pop-culture. It's so refreshing to see how you've taken this in stride, and how optimistic you've been throughout your journey. As your mom mentioned, I work with her at Marlin, and I'm excited to see wherever life takes you next. Feel free to get in touch if ever you want to chat.


  2. Hi Serena

    I came across your blog quite recently and have been very inspired by your posts. I love how you have been able to remain OPTIMISTIC throughout your journey. Love your comparisons also. Just thought to leave a comment to say Kudos to you.

    Keep it up,