Friday 10 January 2014

Blood as Red as Wine

Every time I visit the hospital, whether it’s for a transfusion or a chemo-cocktail, I usually get a blood test as well – blood counts reveal a lot about how well my body is reacting to the treatment. They also determine whether I need a transfusion or if I’m ready for the next stage.

Well, last week my oncologist received some interesting news from my blood counts.
As it is the holidays, my family loves to celebrate in the form of dinner parties. These can sometimes get a little crazy, like most dinner parties do. Being of Italian descent, it’s quite normal with these occasions for the kids to enjoy a glass or two of wine with the usual over-satisfying meal. However, it is not quite normal to be going for routine blood tests, like I did the next morning.

For the first time my oncologist had discovered some odd liver functions from my blood counts ...
Even after reassuring her that I did not in fact go on a bender that week, my nurses and physicians in the oncology unit still continue to make fun of me.
God knows how fast gossip spreads at hospitals, it’s worse than high schools. Of course, they’re just relieved that this was a result of wine as opposed to some bodily medical reaction ... All in all, it’s going to be a while before I indulge again at one of our crazy family dinner parties.

On a more serious note, I’ve been drug free for almost two weeks now as I head into the next phase: (Interim-Maintenance). At this rate, I am set to finish around mid-May yay!
 It’s exciting to see the finish line getting closer, but having to say goodbye to the staff at Childrens will be difficult. They continue to build, not just professional, but personal connections with their patients. Oddly enough, it’s what has made me feel so comfortable spending most of my days there. Even after I’ve moved on, I do intend to maintain my relationship with the staff and the hospital whether it’s through volunteer or just friendly visits J.

Hoping this liver function ordeal doesn’t sever any relationships or tarnish my reputation at the hospital..

Breeding optimism thanks to the amazing and personable staff at Children’s

-       -     Serena Bonneville